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At the heart of this episode are two former roommates having a candid conversation around how Tina ruined their relationship. Because Tina not only affects the person using the drug, it also has consequences on the folx around you as well. In this episode Chris Johnson shares how GMAD led the charge against crystal meth amongst Black gay men; Jacen Zhu talks about his sex life on tina versus without it; and our host has a heart-to-heart with his old friend Willie The Genius.

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Show Notes:

Mentioned During Show:


  • Crystal meth is the third most frequently used substance amongst trans women. - source

  • According to the LA Times, “the jury found Buck guilty of every charge in a nine-count indictment that also accused him of maintaining a drug den, distributing methamphetamine & enticement to cross state lines to engage in prostitution.” - source

  • In fact, there’ve been many of studies done, including a 10 year study by the American Psychology Association, that found that graduates of students who were involved in these programs actually went on to use drugs. - source

  • millennials use painkillers more than any other generation. - source

  • And nationally, more than two thirds of all drug overdoses are from opioids. - source

  • And oftentimes, the facilities that they go to for help aren’t equipped to assist them. (in relation to Black trans women) - source

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